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Innovative System Solutions Corporation, headquartered in the Tampa Bay Region, is a successful Federal government consultancy that has been providing modernization and integration of systems and processes for our clients for more than 18 years. Our technology experts bring together decades of experience and expertise including: Project Management, Cybersecurity Support, Software Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Business Process Management. As a woman owned small business, we take great pride in our core principles which are based on a client centric approach. 


Our client centric principles allow us to be flexible and adaptable for different business situations and needs. We use well-defined industry standard best practices and processes, including Agile methodologies, Project Management Institute (PMI) processes, and internationally recognized Cybersecurity Frameworks. Since we understand that all business needs are different and require special considerations, our flexible nature enables us to be very adaptable to specific customized processes and procedures that may be necessary based on client needs. Working in the best interests of our clients, we listen and pro-actively offer recommendations and suggestions that lead to improving and streamlining cost-effective results.  Our customer-focused solutions result in cost-conscience implementations, while maintaining a balance of long-term corporate strategy and immediate, quantifiable improvements.


Feel free to contact us for more information.

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