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ISSC has been providing quality solutions to the federal government since 2003.

Our major clients are:


Forest Service

U.S Department

of Agriculture

National Institute of

Standards & Technology

U.S. Forest Service

U.S. Forest Service Research & Development

Expanding Public Access via Research Data Archive

ISSC helped the U.S. Forest Service (FS) to meet the requirements of the Open Access policy released by the Obama Administration’s Office of Science and Technology Policy in 2013. The mandate required Federal agencies to make research data available to the public. The FS Research Data Archive was created in 2010.It is an effort for research projects of all sizes to store research data and make it publicly accessible via a centralized repository representing the breadth of Forest Service research. It evolved with newer technology and management components as improvements for managing research data became more varied; it also includes an Android based mobile application, Research Data Archive (USFS).

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The National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Supporting Onsite Interagency Fire Incident Management

e-ISuite is an interagency application with users in Forest Services as well as users in other government departments (the National Wildfire Coordinating Group – NWCG). It is deployed, utilized, and updated on individual incident sites using other fire applications, like ROSS (Resource Ordering and Status System). e-ISuite allows users to provide automated information management and tracking support for key incident business management functions including:

  1. Resource Check-In, Tracking, and Demobilization

  2. Financial Tracking and Reporting

  3. Timekeeping

  4. Incident Action Plan (IAP) Development

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USDA National Agriculture Library

USDA National Agriculture Library

Collaborative Repository

ISSC designed and implemented a loosely-coupled repository solution prototype using the Fedora Commons 3.X architecture paired with front-end and workload components to support digital repositories.

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National Institute of Standard & Tech

National Institute of Standards & Technology 

Identity and Access Management

ISSC implemented an Identity and Access Management (IDAM) solution that will modernize the NIST IDAM system and processes. This solution will enable NIST to meet the goals and objectives outlined in the Federal ICAM Roadmap, to improve the efficiency of NIST, and to support the diverse NIST IT environment.

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